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Yeykelis, L., Cummings, J.J., & Reeves, B. (2014). Multitasking on a single-device: Arousal and the frequency, anticipation, and prediction of switching between media content on a computer. Journal of Communication, 64(1). 167-192.

Yeykelis, L., Cummings, J. J., & Reeves, B. (2018). The Fragmentation of Work, Entertainment, E-Mail, and News on a Personal Computer: Motivational Predictors of Switching Between Media Content. Media Psychology, 21(3), 377-402.

Reeves, B., Ram, N., Robinson, T.N., Cummings, J.J., Giles, L., Pan, J., Chiatti, A., Cho, M., Roehrick, K., Yang, X., Gagneja, A., Brinberg, M., Muise, D., Lu, Y., Luo, M., Fitzgerald, A., & Yeykelis, L. (2019). Screenomics: A framework to capture and analyze personal life experiences and the ways that technology shapes them. Accepted for publication in Human Computer Interaction.

Hershfield, H. E., Goldstein, D. G., Sharpe, W. F., Fox, J., Yeykelis, L., Carstensen, L. L., & Bailenson, J. N. (2011). Increasing saving behavior through age-progressed renderings of the future self. Journal of Marketing Research, 48(SPL), S23-S37.

Reeves, B., Cummings, J. J., Scarborough, J. K., & Yeykelis, L. (2015). Increasing energy efficiency with entertainment media: An experimental and field test of the influence of a social game on performance of energy behaviors. Environment and Behavior, 47(1), 102-115.

Invited Conference Presentations & Panels

Yeykelis, L. Conducting Effective UX Research on Self-Driving Cars. 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2018-Fall). Chicago, USA.

Yeykelis, L. (2018) Stanford University PhD Pathways. Non-tech Positions in the Tech Industry Stanford University, USA.

Yeykelis, L., Cummings, J.J., Lang, A., & Reeves, B. (2013). “Investigating a Novel Measure of Skin Conductance for Assessing Cognitive Involvement in Media Tasks.” Society for Psychophysiological Research. Florence, Italy.

Yeykelis, L., Cummings, J.J., & Reeves, B. (2013). Multitasking on a Computer: Emotions and the Frequency, Anticipation, and Prediction of Task-Switching. International Communication Association Conference (Information Systems Division), London, England.

Cummings, J.J. & Yeykelis, L. (2013). Dynamic Regulation of Player States through Adaptive Gaming: A Motivated Cognition Approach. International Communication Association Conference (Game Studies SIG Pre-conference – The Power of Play: Motivational Uses and Applications of Digital Games), London, England.

Fox, J., Yeykelis, L., Janssen, J.H., Ahn, S.J., Segovia, K., Bailenson, J.N. (2010). Avatars versus agents: A meta-analysis quantifying the effects of agency. Paper presented at the 96th Annual Conference of the National Communication Association, November 14-17, San Francisco, USA.